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International Impact Investing Summit: Impact Theme: Energy

I'm attending an International Impact Investing Summit in New York and will be attaching my raw notes from the conference. here are the notes from the 11 a.m. panel titled "Impact Theme: Energy."

Moderator: Mark Campanale, Halloran Philanthropies

Nicola Armacost, Co-Founder and Managing Director, ARC Finance, Ltd.
Herta Von Stiegel, Partner, Executive Chairman, Ariya Capital LLP
Christine Eibs Singer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, E+Co:
Anish Thakkar, Co-Founder, Greenlight Planet

Impact investing: Environment / Water and agriculture

I'm attending an International Impact Investing Summit in New York and will be attaching my raw notes from the conference. here are the notes from the 9:45 a.m. panel titled "Impact Theme: Environment -- Water and Agriculture."

Moderator: Bruce M. Khan, PhD: Director, Senior Investment Analyst, DB Climate Change Advisors
Michael Jenkins, President & CEO, Forest Trends
Ion Yadigaroglu, Co-Founder, Capricon Investment Gorup LLC
Paul J. Young, Managing Member, Conservation Forestry LLC

Irony Just Died of Embarrassment

Today I got the following email from an obvious spam/scammer who is promising to send me $250,000 in compensation for having been scammed in the past by spam/scammers:

From The Desk of Minister of Finance:
E.F.F.C/ F.B.I representatives/ Metropolitan police,
ANTI– crime unit world wide.

Introduce this as a notification to get the legal transaction to you.

This country Nigeria, In conjunction with government officials and some force agencies from different countries has come together that result to this as a medium to

Getting started with Drupal

A few friends recently have asked me for advice on how to get started developing websites using Drupal. I put together some information and thought I should post it to the web in case other people find it useful.

For starters, there are two books I would recommend:

  • Using Drupal by Angela Byron and a number of other authors.
  • Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition, by John VanDyk & Matt Westgate. (Make sure you gets the second edition, which specifically covers Drupal 6. There is an earlier edition for Drupal 5 which is now out of date.)

How to Save Money on an iPhone Bill

After exhaustive research using spreadsheets and math and stuff, I've figured out how to save some money on my iPhone bill.

I've had the phone since August, on AT&T's $59.99/month plan, which gives me 900 minutes/month, with leftover minutes accumulating as rollovers. I only actually use an average of 500 minutes/month, so in the time I've had the phone I've accumulated 2,800 rollover minutes.

Why the Pre Ain't for Me

Palm Inc. investor Roger McNamee is predicting that iPhone customers will be switching en masse to the Palm Pre once it goes on sale. Here's why I know already that I won't be making the switch:

  • I generally don't like buying new products until after they've had their shakeout tour.
  • Aside from the slideout keyboard, most of the features on the Pre look like iPhones knockoffs.

Object-influenced design in FileMaker Pro

In the past I've experienced some dilemmas in creating FileMaker databases, but I think the release of Filemaker 10 provides tools for solving most of them.

I set up my first FileMaker database to manage contacts and donations for Working Capital for Community Needs (formerly the Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua). Over the years, it has grown in complexity as the organization's needs have evolved. Originally it was a flat-file database (which was all FileMaker could do when I first started using it back in the 1980s). Then FileMaker added relational database capabilities, I started having one table for "contacts," one for "donations," and other related fields (for example, a "letters" field that is used to generate and keep track of correspondence with WCCN's contacts).

Stairmaster desk, phase 2

I posted something awhile back about the "Stairmaster desk" that set up so I could work on my computer from my Stairmaster rather than sitting down.

Originally, the Stairmaster desk was just a piece of cardboard folded into the shape I wanted. As I expected, the cardboard didn't hold up very long, so I had Chris Breunig (the husband of my wife's niece, who works as builder) make me a more permanent solution out of wood. Here are some photos.

exercise desk #1
The wooden wedge by itself, sitting within my plastic book rack atop the Stairmaster's control panel.

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